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Brandon Hantz was a contestant in Swimmer's Survivor. He competed in SS2 where he was the 6th voted out. However, in SS3, he returned and lasted until the start of the merge where he was eliminated after controlling most of the eliminations pre-merge.

Brandon Hantz
250px-S26 Brandon Hantz
Username TheTDCommunity
Birth Date October 5th, 1991 (22)
Hometown Katy, Texas
Occupation Oil tanker crewman
Swimmer's Survivor 3
Tribes ██ Zhan Hu
██ Hae Da Fung
Placement 10/18
Alliance Zhan Hu Alliance, Brez N Shez
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 11
Days Lasted 23

SS2 Edit

Brandon in this season was known for causing trouble. In confessionals, he would call out Russell in confessionals "challenging him". This brought him a lot of hate which saw people wanting his head on a platter. Brandon made a two person alliance with Michelle Yi. They managed to make a bold idol play after Brandon warned Michelle the tribe was voting her out. They eliminated Candice and the move received a lot of criticism since people believed Candice was weak (although she won SS5). When Michelle was eliminated soon after, it was not long until Brandon was history.

SS3 Edit

Brandon returned in SS3 and was placed on Zhan Hu tribe. He quickly formed an alliance with Sherri, Cirie, Francesca, Benry and Laura. Brandon made the move to eliminate Fabio first off which worked. This caused a rivalry between Fabio and Brandon which was a very heated rivalry. Laura was next to be eliminated by the alliance as Sandra and Stephen played with Brandon's paranoia which made him think Laura had the idol and was going to blindside him. Laura was eliminated. Tribe swap spelt the end of the big alliance as Sherri and Benry were sent over to face their dooms. Sherri survived to merge but Benry wasn't as lucky. Brandon and his alliance also managed to eliminate J.T right before tribe swap. At merge, Zhan Hu alliance voted for Ian but Ian managed to get 5 votes on Brandon which caused a tie breaker. Brandon was then voted out as Sandra managed to flip Amanda and Lisa to vote him out.


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