Fabio Birza
Username Explosion772
Birth Date -
Hometown -
Occupation -
Swimmer's Survivor 2
Tribe(s) -
Placement 17/24
Alliances -
Challenges Won -
Votes Against -
Days Lasted -
Swimmer's Survivor 3
Tribe(s) -
Placement 17/18
Alliances -
Challenges Won -
Votes Against -
Days Lasted -
Swimmer's Survivor 5



Placement 10/18
Alliances N/A
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 15
Days Lasted 19

Fabio Birza is a contestant from SS2, SS3, and SS5.

He was known for having loads of potential during his three outings, but communism and solar allignments screwed him over every time.


Fabio is played by Max Explosion, who is a complete pimp and player. He is known for fucking Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johanson, and Aivars' Mom with little to no effort involved.

Everyone loves Fabio, except for Russell, who is jealous due to the Asian playing him having such a small penis.

SS2 Fabio managed to make it quite far in SS2. However he was the seventh person voted out, finishing 17th, due to being flipped on by two noobs in a chaotic af tribal. 


Fabio came back in SS3 hoping to make it further. However his journey was cut short after he was the second person voted out, once again finishing in 17th, although he spent less time in the game than he did in his original season.


Fabio entered SS5 hoping to redeem himself from past 17th placings. Initially the fans were disappointed that Fabio was brought back due to his poor finishes. He was placed on the Nakúm tribe, along with 5 new players and 3 other returning players. He managed to form a majority alliance, albeit not a solid one which managed to carry him to the merge. During the first vote he turned on his ally Tom, and during the second vote he entered the majority with the help of Laura flipping and playing her idol on ally Candice, which bounced the votes onto Brenda. However during the third vote ex-ally member Danni flipped on their alliance and while Nick flipped to their alliance and the votes were tied between Lex and himself. Danni stuck strong voting Fabio again, while Nick flipped back, sending Fabio home in a 5-3 revote. He ultimately finished in 10th place and was the 2nd member of the Jury.


  • Fabio is currently the lowest placing three-time player, placing 17th in two back-to-back seasons. Of the three time players he also has the lowest average placing. However in SS2 there were 24 contestants, rather than the usual 18.