Kat Edorsson is a contestant from SS3

Kat Edorsson
S24 Kat Edorsson
Username Sareyamuffinhead
Birth Date June 22, 1989 (Age 24)
Hometown Orlando, Florida
Occupation Timeshare Representative
Swimmer's Survivor 3

Fei Long

Zhan Hu

Hae Da Fung

Placement SS3 - 4/18
Alliances The Fei Long Alliance

The Gurls Alliance

Two Bros No Hoes Alliance (affiliated)

Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 38


When Kat appeared on SS3, she was originally on the Fei Long tribe. However, on Day 15, after an unexpected tribe swap, Kat, along wither her former tribe mates Stephen and Jay were put on the Zhan Hu tribe along with Sherri, Benry, and Sandra.

Voting HistoryEdit