Matt Elrod
S22 Matthew Elrod
Username Dayummitsme
Birth Date October 2, 1988 (Age 25)
Hometown Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation Pre-med Student
Swimmer's Survivor 1

█ Galu
█ Aiga

Placement 8/20
Alliance(s) Galu Alliance

Goon Alliance

Challenge(s) Won TBD
Vote(s) Against TBD
Day(s) Lasted 31


Matt Elrod is a contestant from SS1SS2 & SS6. However, the user played as Erik Reichenbach in SS2, but later returned as Matt in the all-star season of SS6, but it was cancelled since all of Swimmer's friends were pre-jury. He would of won tho.


Matt was put on the Galu tribe in SS1. Since the beginning of the season, Matt formed an alliance with Brett, Courtney, RC, Pete, Kelly, and James. There were 2 divison alliances in the Galu tribe which was the alliance with Brett, Courtney, and RC or Pete, Kelly, and Stephanie. At the first challenge, Galu lost the first immunity challenge. Matt voted with the majority of the tribe voting out the inactive Spencer since he was the weakest link. At the 2nd immunity challenge, Galu lost again and once again voted out another weak link which was Stephanie and basically the alliance of Brett, Courtney, and RC took over the tribe with also James as an extra vote. Another immunity challenge came and the Galu Tribe lost, again the Galu tribe voted out the weakest link of the tribe which was Kelly. In the next few tribals, Galu was starting to win challenges and Matt found the hidden immunity idol for the Galu tribe. Russell asked help of Matt to throw a challenge since he was losing his majority after voting out Jay and lost Malcolm. Matt and the members of his alliance threw the challenge and ended up voting out Andrea out due to possible flipping of the other tribe at the merge. 

At the merge, Matt continued his alliance with Brett, Courtney, and RC and also worked with Russell and Parvati to gain the majority at the merge. The Goon Alliance were going to pick out the Foa Foa tribe and the first target of the merge was Tyson. During the 1st merge tribal council, Matt & Tyson were the top 2 vote getters and with 7 votes Tyson was voted out and Matt survived. The next tribals were just to vote out the Foa Foa members. Things got complicated at the Final 8 and that's when things start to split up. Russell  tried getting rid of Pete. However things got complicated when Matt started to get inactive and lost track of what was going on in the game. This was the time Brett striked against Matt and was voted out with 4 votes. This was the main turning point of the game and since of the inactivitiy Matt faced, he was voted out with an idol since he had no clue of what was going on his surrondings.  

SS2: Fans vs. FavoritesEdit

Matt in SS2 played as Erik Reichenbach for this season only. Erik was selected as a Favorite and was put in the Bikal Tribe.