Morgan McLeod
S28 Morgan McLeod
Username immaxyman
Birth Date July 9, 1992 (Age 21)
Hometown San Jose, California
Occupation Former NFL Cheerleader
Swimmer's Survivor 7

█ Kalabaw
█ Matsing

█ Dangrayne

Placement 3/20
Alliance(s) Pretty Girls Alliance

Queens Alliance

Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 39


Morgan McLeod is a contestant from SS7.


Morgan started off the game as a part of the Kalabaw tribe. Her tribe was known as the new Matsing, as they lost every challenge. Her close alliance with Laura Boneham and Whitney Duncan brought her to the top 3 of her tribe. The three formed the Pretty Girls Alliance. As a truce, the three decides to tie it 1-1-1, however Morgan betrayed them and with Laura, voted out Whitney. 

The following round, Morgan got sent to Matsing while Laura got sent to Kalabaw. Morgan was alone on her new tribe, but quickly found a friend in Kass McQuillen. The two formed the Queens Alliance. Matsing never lost a challenge from there on out. 

At the merge, Morgan found a special Tyler Perry idol. With Kass in posession of the new Dangrayne idol, the two had 2/5 of the possible idols in the game. In an attempt to gain the majority, Morgan pulled Laura over to the Matsing side incase anyone decided to flip. Doing so, she voided Boo Bernis's decision to flip. The following round, Morgan gained Boo's trust, and got him to flip back to her. Morgan had the trust of nearly everybody in the game. When Morgan told Boo about her special idol, Boo told everyone else making her one of the number one targets. So at the final 9 tribal council, everyone tried voting her, however her special idol kept her in the game, and Kass, Laura, and Morgan ultimately voted out Boo, who betrayed them. Morgan won the following immunity, however gave her immunity to Kass. The next round, Kass gave the idol to Morgan, because she was going to be voted out. At tribal council, Morgan announced she had the idol, but used it on Kass, negating 4 votes against her. Morgan lied to everyone and got to the end. At the final tribal council, everyone was so angry at Morgan that she received no votes to win the game.