SS4: Cook Islands
Cook Islands
Winner Abi-Maria Gomes
Runners-up Rob Mariano

Colby Donaldson

No. of Episodes 16
No. of Days 39
No. of Castaways 20
Tribes ██ Aitu
██ Hiki
██ Puka
██ Raro
██ Aitutonga
Opening Sequence
SS4 Cook Islands Intro-0

SS4 Cook Islands Intro-0


Location(s) Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Original Run August 13, 2013 - November 15, 2013
Previous Season SS3: China
Next Season SS5: Guatemala

Swimmer's Survivor: Cook Islands is the 4th installment of Swimmer's Survivor. The season features sixteen brand new castaways being joined by four all-stars, all competing for the title of Sole Survivor. 


SS4 was first officially announced in the form of a sign-up video , announcing the recasting of the older, cancelled SS4: Heroes vs. Villains. The season was announced to be Exile Island, and feature 4 veterans with 12 new players, but was later changed to Cook Islands, with 4 veterans and 16 new players. The official cast was announced on August 13th, 2013, when the SS4 intro was realeased.

SS4's first episode was released on August 20th, 2013, during the midseason of SBB1 . However, it was put on temporary hold, so SBB1 could finish with more focus. Near the end of SBB1, a promo was released, teasing the return of SS4 and its various new twists. SS4 was resumed after the SBB1 finale, with its second episode  airing on September 21st, 2013. 


  • Exile Island: For the first time ever in the SS season, Exile Island is introduced. After an Immunity Challenge, players may banish a player from the rival tribe to Exile Island. This island (entirely separate from the existing camps) will force the banished player to fend for him/herself until the upcoming Immunity Challenge (unless stated otherwise). The player would not be left in despair, for he/she will be given clues to a Hidden Immunity Idol that is hidden somewhere on the island.
  • Veterans : Along with the 16 newcomers, 4 veterans from former SS seasons joined them to compete; Stephen, Malcolm, Lisa, and Kim. Each of the 4 tribes received one veteran.
  • Mutiny: On Day 7, the tribes were offered to switch tribe affiliations.
  • Triple Tribal : On Day 18, all three post-mutiny tribes went to tribal. Everyone competed in individual immunity for their tribe's council, and all voted off one player from their tribe. 


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Post-Mutiny
Merged Tribe
S15 frosti bw

Frosti Zernow

Aitu 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S4 zoe bw

Zoe Zanidakis

Aitu 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
S3 lex bw

Lex van den Berghe

Puka Raro 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
S26 allie bw

Allie Pohevitz

Puka Puka 4th Voted Out
Day 11
S16 ozzy bw

Ozzy Lusth

Puka Hiki 5th Voted Out
Day 14
S16 james bw

James Clement

Hiki Hiki 6th Voted Out
Day 18
S25 katie bw

Katie Hanson

Puka Puka 7th Voted Out
Day 18
S26 julia bw

Julia Landauer

Raro Raro 8th Voted Out
Day 18
S20 danielle bw

Danielle DiLorenzo

Aitu Hiki Aitutonga 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
S26 reynold bw

Reynold Toepfer

Aitu Hiki 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
S24 kim tt

Kim Spradlin

Raro Raro 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
S18 stephen bw

Stephen Fishbach
SS2 & SS3

Aitu Hiki 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
S25 lisa bw

Lisa Whelchel

Puka Raro 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 31
S26 malcolm bw

Malcolm Freberg
SS1 & SS2

Hiki Puka 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
S26 corinne bw

Corinne Kaplan

Raro Raro 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 34
S22 krista bw

Krista Klumpp

Hiki Raro 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 36
S17 ken bw

Ken Hoang

Hiki Raro 17th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
S20 colby bw

Colby Donaldson

Raro Raro Runners-Up 2
S20 rob bw

Rob Mariano

Raro Raro 5
S25 abimaria t

Abi-Maria Gomes

Hiki Puka Sole-Survivor 3

Season Summary

SS4: Cook Islands started off with 16 new players that were joined by four returning all stars. The castaways were quickly divided into four tribes: Hiki, Aitu, Puka, and Raro. On each tribe of 5, there were 4 new playesr joined by one all star. In addition, the castaways learned that this season would feature Exile Island. At the end of each immunity challenge, the losing tribe would choose one person from each of the winning tribes to go to Exile Island and have a shot at finding the Hidden Immunity Idol.  In the first immunity challenge, Raro dominated the challenge, and after Puka and Hiki came in 2nd and 3rd place, it meant that Aitu would be sent to the first tribal council of the season. However, Aitu first chose to send Corinne, Lex, and Krista to Exile Island, but none of them found the idol. At tribal, Aitu unanimously voted out Frosti in a 4-1 vote.

Following Frosti's elimination, the tribes competed in antoher challenge, and Raro, Puka, and Hiki teamed up on Aitu, forcing them to lose the challenge and go to tribal council again. Aitu then chose to send Kim, Ozzy, and Malcolm to Exile Island, but none of them found the Idol. At tribal council, Zoe was unanimously voted out in a 3-1 vote. 

On Day 7, after two eliminations, the tribes were given the opportunity to mutiny to another tribe. However, Aitu was forced to mutiny to another tribe because the former Aitu tribe was being disband. When the smoke cleared, Stephen, Danielle, and Reynold all mutined from Aitu to Hiki. However, Malcolm and Abi Maria mutinied from Hiki to Puka, while Krista and Kenny mutinied from Puka to Raro. Meanwhile, Ozzy mutinied from Puka to Hiki, and Lisa and Lex mutinied from Puka to Raro. And all the Raro tribe members remained on the Raro tribe. Because Raro had an overwhelming numbers advantage, it was sent to an auto tribal council and with no one going to Exile Island. At tribal, Lex was voted out for being an outsider in a 7-2 vote. 

After Lex's elimination, the tribes competed in another immunity challenge, which went on to be won by Raro and Hiki, which meant that Puka had to go to tribal council. Also, Krista, Reynold, Ozzy, and Abi Maria were  chosen to gp to Exile Island. At tribal council, Allie was voted out in a 2-1-1 vote. After Hiki lost the next challenge, Kim, Malcolm, and Abi Maria went to Exile Island, and Kim found a hidden immunity idol. Then, Ozzy went home after a 3-1-1 vote at tribal council. 

On day 18, it was announced to the tribes that there would be a "Triple Tribal" Twist, meaning that all three tribes were going to tribal council! But first, everyone had a shot at individual immunity. Danielle won immunity on Hiki, Malcolm won immunity on Puka, and Kim won immunity on Raro. All 15 castaways then went to Exile Island. And Krista and Danielle went on to find hidden immunity idols. At Hiki's tribal council, James was unsurprsingly voted out in a 3-1 vote. On Puka, Malcolm casted the only vote, and he chose to vote out Katie in a 1-0 vote. However, on Raro, the majority alliance voted for Krista, but Julia, motivated by paranoia of an idol popping up, threw Rob's vote on to Kenny as an insurance policy. But Julia's back up plan failed when Krista played an idol, negated all of the votes against her, and Krista's and Corinne's votes for Julia sent Julia packing. 

Episode Guide

Episode Air date Challenge Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
1 Clean Sweep August 20th, 2013 Raro Corinne Frosti 4-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Puka Lex
Hiki Krista
2 Love the Way You Lie September 21st, 2013 Raro Kim Zoe 3-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Puka Ozzy
Hiki Malcolm
3 Find My Footing September 27th, 2013 Hiki No One Lex 7-2 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
4 Crippled October 2nd, 2013 Raro Krista Allie 2-1-1 4th Voted Out
Day 11
Hiki Reynold & Ozzy
Abi Maria
5 Moves to Be Made October 6th, 2013 Raro Kim Ozzy 3-1-1 5th Voted Out
Day 14
Puka Malcolm &
Abi Maria
6 Cut Short October 10th, 2013 Danielle Everyone James 3-1 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Malcolm Katie 1-0 7th Voted Out
Day 18
Kim Julia 5-2-1 8th Voted Out
Day 18
7 Volatile October 15, 2013 Kenny No One Danielle 6-4-1-1
9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
8 The Target is Changing October 19th, 2013 Stephen Stephen, Lisa, &
Abi Maria
Reynold 4-4-3
10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
9 A Vet is Going Down October 22nd, 2013 Lisa Lisa & Stephen Kim 4-3-2-1 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
10 Stepping Up October 27th, 2013 Abi Maria Abi Maria, Lisa, & Colby Stephen 5-4 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
11 Adapting November 1st, 2013 Abi Maria Abi Maria, Lisa, & Corinne Lisa 3-2-2-1 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 31
12 Tick Tock November 3rd, 2013 Abi Maria Abi Maria, Corinne, & Krista Malcolm 6-1 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
13 This is Survivor November 5th, 2013 Kenny Kenny &
Abi Maria
Corinne 3-2-1 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 34
14 [Fingers Crossed November 9th, 2013 Abi Maria No One Krista 3-2 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 36
15 [Proud] November 12th, 2013 Abi Maria No One Kenny 3-1 17th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
16 [SS4 Finale] November 15th, 2013 Jury Vote Colby 9-0-0 Runners-Up
Boston Rob
Abi Maria Sole-Survivor

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