Yaxhá (1)
Tribe Profile
Season SS5
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed

Day 1

Rival Tribe(s) █ Nakúm
Tribe Status Merged with Nakúm on
Day 18
Challenge Wins 4
Member Placement
Brenda Lowe

1st Jury Member
Day 21

David Murphy

Day 6

Gervase Peterson

4th Jury Member
Day 30

Julia Landauer

Day 14

Laura Alexander

6th Jury Member
Day 35

Lex van den Berghe

9th Jury Member
Day 38

Natalie Tenerelli

7th Jury Member
Day 36

Stephenie LaGrossa

3rd Jury Member
Day 27

Tyson Apostol

5th Jury Member
Day 33

Yaxhá is a tribe from SS5. It was one of the two starting tribes for the season, along with Nakúm, and it is known for being one of the physically strongest tribes ever in SS history.


S26 brenda tS22 david tS27 gervase t
S26 julia tS26 laura tS8 lex t
S22 natalie tS10 stephenie tS27 tyson t

  • » Brenda Lowe, Second Chance portrayed by TotalDramaMiker, best known for being one of two leaders of the Foa Foa Alliance in SS1.
  • David Murphy, Noobie portrayed by VolcanicDNA.
  • Gervase Peterson, Noobie portrayed by vaporterra.
  • » Julia Landauer, Second Chance portrayed by FlaggedALot, best known for her strategic gameplay until she was idoled out by Krista right before the merge.
  • » Laura Alexander, Second Chance portrayed by MeanBoy305, best known for being blindsided by Brandon, despite being aligned with him.
  • » Lex van den Berghe, Second Chance portrayed by domoxbagelsx27, best known for his social game in SS4.
  • Natalie Tenerelli, Noobie portrayed by xoTeenageTragedy.
  • Stephenie LaGrossa, Noobie portrayed by FaerieAngel22.
  • »» Tyson Apostol, Second Chance portrayed by HellHawkProductions, best known for being one of the two leaders of the Foa Foa Alliance in SS1.


  • Yaxhá is the tribe with the greatest proportion of its tribe members on a jury in a given season with seven of its nine members composing the 9-person jury.
  • All of the Yaxhá females that made the merge all won individual immunity.
    • Coincidentally, all the Yaxhá females that did win immunity only won it once.
  • Lex is the only male Yaxhá member, as well as only male in SS5 to win individual immunity.
    • Lex also won the most immunities out of anyone in SS5, with 4 immunity wins.
  • Yaxhá holds many similarities with SS1 tribe, Foa Foa. Both tribes won the majority of the pre merge challenges in their respective seasons, however both were ultimately "pagonged" in rapid succession at the merge.
    • Furthermore, both tribes had seven of its members compose the 9-person jury in both seasons, leaving only two other jury spots to be held by the rival tribe.
  • All of the players that returned from SS5 for SS6: South Pacific were from Yaxhá.
    • Also all of the noobs from Yaxhá who made the merge returned for SS6.